Thursday, October 23, 2014

Do you have a RefWorks account yet?

RefWorks is a handy online tool that allows you to keep track of the sources you are using in your assignments.  It also allows you to create reference lists for those assignments.

For instance, 
Jack has 4 assignments this semester: Corporate culture, Domestic heating, Motivation and Network security.  He has created a folder for each assignment

Each folder holds the references for that assignment.  The references include:
  • recommended library books
  • articles that he searched for on the library databases
  • websites from scholarly sources

Some of Jack's assignments require him to find information himself.  After searching the library catalogue, online databases and some scholarly websites, he has found 5 sources that he plans to include in his assignment.

Jack's sources do not come from a book list; he needs to keep track of them himself.  RefWorks is a great way to do this.  Jack can build up a collection of sources that are relevant to the subject he is studying.

RefWorks will also help him to generate a reference list from the Network Security folder.

Learn more about RefWorks by visiting the library's online tutorials:  

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