Thursday, March 15, 2018

Opening hours

We wish everyone a fun St Patrick's Day Weekend.  Please note that the library will be closed on Monday 19th March.

And these are our Easter Opening hours....

Monday, March 12, 2018

Are you doing a research project?

If so, we have a 3-month trial of a very useful database: SAGE Research Methods.  It is available on-campusoff-campus and via our database search engine.  If you are prompted to login, use your student number and network password.

One of the great features of SAGE Research Methods is the video section.  SAGE have created almost 1,000 videos with practical help for the research process.  For instance, this video is an Introduction to Questionnaire Design and it includes a video from an expert with practical guidance; a transcript and PDF of the content; links to related content; tools to list, cite, share on social media and more...

Questions?  Contact us at 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tired of forgetting your RefWorks password?

You can now login to RefWorks using your student number and network password!

If you already have a RefWorks account...
...then you will need to link your current RefWorks password with your ITB network account.  After that, you will be able to login using your existing RefWorks password or opt to login via your ITB network account.

(1) Start at the ITB Library homepage:  Click on RefWorks.

(2) Click on Use login from my Institution.

(3) Type Institute of Technology Blanchardstown and click on it in the drop-down menu.

(4) Login using your student number and network password.

(5)Type in your ITB email address and click on Check.

(6) If RefWorks recognises your email (i.e. you already have a RefWorks account), they will ask you to login using your RefWorks password.  This will link your existing account with your ITB network account.

(7) You are now logged in!  

Questions?  Email us at 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Are you giving a presentation this semester?

Are you giving a presentation for class this semester?  Are you nervous?  Do you worry that you might not be able to express your ideas in a way that can be understood?

Melissa Marshall is a Communications expert who has some advice for you!

"Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler" Einstein

Monday, February 26, 2018

Looking for a past student thesis?

Did you know the library holds a collection of ITB student theses? They are shelved on level 1; undergrad theses are classified P1, P2, P3... and postgraduate theses are classified T1, T2, T3 etc.

We add theses to our collection in the order that we receive them.  The highest class numbers tend to be the most recent; however, subject areas are not always beside each other on the shelf.  

To browse the titles in your department or school, follow these steps:

1. Go to the library homepage ( and click on Databases & Resources

2. Click on the Past Student Projects and Theses tab  

3. If you find a thesis you wish to read, have a look at the short description in the Title Notes tab.  The location of the thesis on the shelf is also present, e.g. P 444. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

The art of picking a good book...

How do you choose a really good book to read?

... do you defy all advice and judge it by it's cover?

... do you search the backcover for an interesting storyline?

It is 1948 and a newly-married Hortense Joseph has just arrived, from Jamaica, with high expectations of life of in London. But London has suffered many years of war and does not measure up to her storybook notions. Along with her irrepressible husband, Gilbert, Hortense rents a room in the home of Queenie Bligh, whose husband still hasn’t returned from the war. Queenie’s neighbours are unhappy that she taken in Jamaican lodgers but she has other things on her mind.

... do you fall in love with a great character and have to read more?

“Now, the man that answer the door was not Winston. True, him look like Winston, him talk like Winston and him dress like Winston. But Winston was half a twin. Identical as two lemons on a tree. This was his brother Kenneth. To tell him apart, try to borrow a shilling. Winston will help you out but pester you all over London till him get it back. Kenneth, on the other hand, will persuade you to give him a shilling, assuring you that he could turn into into a pound before the week's end.” -- Gilbert Joseph

However you choose your books, come browse the fiction shelves in the library. We have a world of different covers and plotlines and characters!