Thursday, October 23, 2014

A good time to change your password...

As Reading Week approaches, here is a timely reminder to change your network password.  You use your network password to log onto ITB PCs, to access Moodle, to access email, to print / photocopy etc.

Network passwords must be changed every 100 days. So change it now to ensure you can log in over Reading Week. 

You can change your password as follows:

(1) Before it expires: change your password at any ITB PC.  Press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and select the option to change your password

(2) Before or after it expires: bring your student card to SID or the Library Desk

(3) After it expires: sign up for password recovery before your password expires.  Then you can recover your password from off-campus should it ever expire.  You can register here and recover your password here

(4) After it expires: there us a SMS Password Recovery service available to students who cannot come to campus.  Call 1518  415090 and follow the directions.  There is a €3.00 charge for this service; the charge will be added to your telephone bill/taken from your phone credit

Remember, the best option is to change your password, at an ITB PC, before it expires.  But always have a backup plan, i.e. sign up for password recovery before you need it! 

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