Monday, October 8, 2012

Keep losing your memory stick?

How would you like to be able access your files and documents from anywhere in the world at any time? USB memory sticks are handy, but are lost easily. So maybe it's time you moved your documents to the Cloud?

'Cloud Computing' has become a buzz phrase of the past few years. But what does it mean? Essentially, it refers to applications and services being offered over the Internet rather than on locally based computer servers. With this, the possibilities are endless; but let's focus on the options it offers you for storing your documents...

It helps to think of cloud storage in the same way you would an email account. When you send or receieve an email that contains an attached document,  the document (in most cases) will remain accessible to you afterwards, provided you don't delete it from your account. Cloud storage works in a similar way, minus the email. Your document is stored online for easy access anywhere, anytime.

So, if you have document that you need to save for makes sense to put it on the cloud rather than a memory stick that can be easily lost or damaged.  Best of all, many Cloud providers offer basic usage free of charge after signing up! Here are a few for you to consider....

Google Drive


Google Drive gives all users 5GB of free storage


Offers 7GB of free storage.



Offers 2GB of free storage, but based on referrals to new users, this is expandable to up to 18GB

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