Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have you searched our online library yet?

Looking for information for your assignments?  Have you seen our online library yet?

The library subscribes to online databases in the same way as we buy text books.  The databases contain journal articles on subjects that ITB students study.  They are a great place to find information for your assignments and projects!

This semester we have a brand new way of searching the databases.  Instead of searching each database separately, you can do "one search" across all of them!

"One search" is located on the main library catalogue page:

Some hints for searching!
Sample assignment: discuss the impact of gender roles on identity
  • search for keywords or topics. e.g. gender roles, identity. The search engine matches your search terms with the words in journal articles so including terms such as discuss or impact is unlikely to make your results more relevant   
  • use inverted commas around phrases, e.g. "gender roles" so that you find articles that include the phrase "gender roles" rather than articles containing the words gender and roles
  • use limitors to refine your search results e.g. limit to "full-text articles" or "peer-reviewed articles", limit by subject, publication year, format etc. 

And finally, you may need your library PIN number to log in to the databases.  Contact us at if you do not know what your PIN number is! 

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