Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taking exams in your stride

For most students, exams are a part of life.  After a semester of learning about a new topic, students face a structured test of what they have learned.  This, to say the least, can be daunting!

Looking at it from a different perspective, exams can be seen as an opportunity.  After a semester of attending lectures, reading and forming opinions, exams can be seen as a chance to show all that you have learned.

Students don't usually know the form that the questions on their exam paper will take.  So, read the question carefully.  Consider the relevant information that you have heard or read or learned.  Jot it down on a rough sheet of paper.  Use these ideas to structure an answer to the question that was asked.

Remember - exams are a snapshot of applied knowledge on a particular day.  They simply measure how well you can take the information you have learned and apply it to a particular question.  Concentrate on what you do know rather than worrying about what you don't! 

Best of luck to everyone who is sitting an exam today.

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