Thursday, May 17, 2012

Feeling overwhelmed... ?

Exam Weeks can be overwhelming at times.  While nervousness is to be expected, sometimes our anxiety can undermine us.  This is when we need to pause and reflect.
  • Are we keeping things in perspective?  Will the world actually end if things don't go well?
  • Do we have realistic goals?  Are we expecting too much from ourselves?
  • Do we give ourselves credit for all we know? 
  • Are we taking care of ourselves?  Are we eating well, keeping hydrated and getting enough sleep?
Remember, one of the best ways to confront our fears is to talk about them.  If you feel overwhelmed, confide in someone.  A chat with a friend or a family member or a lecturer can help to put things into perspective!  Or learn about ITB's Student Counselling Service here.

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