Monday, April 16, 2012

Connecting to the Wireless Network in ITB

To connect to the Wireless network in ITB, first you need to complete an application form - which is available here or at the Student information desk.  Fill it in providing your name, your student number and what operating system you use (Windows 7? Vista? Mac Os...) 

We also need your MAC address (this has nothing to do with the brand of device you are using.)

How to find a MAC address on a Windows PC  
Go to Start -- All Programs -- Accessories -- Command Prompt.
Press Enter.  
We are looking for a 12 digit physical address that relates to your wireless network card. Look for it in the list of items that appears after you press enter.

How to find a MAC Address on an Apple system.
You can find MAC addresses on Apple Mac by going to the Apple Menu -- About this Mac -- More Info -- Under Active Services, click on Ethernet

How to find a MAC address on an Iphone
Tap Settings on the iPhone main screen
In the iPhone settings, go to General
Go to About
Search for WIFI MAC address.

How to find the MAC address of an Android phone
Android phones can vary, but generally speaking you will find the MAC address by following these steps
Click on the phones Settings -- About Phone -- Status -- Scroll down to WIFI MAC Address

Enter the MAC address on the form. 
Read all the conditions on the form, initial each box, and  then sign and date it. 
Return the form to the Student information desk.
An email will be sent to your student email account with instructions on how to connect.

If you are having trouble connecting to the network, follow the video tutorials below.

​Windows XP ​Windows Vista / 7
How to Access ITBWireless Network​ XP Vista / 7
How to Access Eduroam Network​ XP Vista / 7

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