Monday, January 30, 2012

Need a Little Help with Referencing?

Why not try the Harvard Reference Generator? This is a free online tool designed to help students prepare their bibliography or reference list quickly and easily. Simply fill out the box with the required information and hit the button at the end of the page. Based on the information supplied, it will automatically generate a perfect citation in the Harvard Style which you can then copy into your work. You can choose to reference books, journals, newspapers, and websites and therefore allows you to get along with your assignments without having to stress about getting your bibliography in order. You can check it out here
Of course, it is best to learn how to reference for yourself, without the aid of a tool. ITB library has its own comprehensive guide which explains all you need to know about referencing. you can find this printed guide in the display stand in front of the circulation desk.

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  1. This will be very helpful! Thanks for posting!