Friday, January 27, 2012

January 28th is Data Privacy Day

According to Wikipedia, the purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy education. It is currently celebrated in the United States, Canada, and 27 European countries.  It is aimed at raising awareness among teens and young adults about the importance of protecting the privacy of their personal information online, particularly in the context of social networking.

Sharing information on social networking sites such as Facebook poses potential risks if you do not exercise caution. To smart n to success advise you to bear in mind: 

  • Set the security settings on your profile to "Only my friends".
  • Always monitor pictures that other people put of you and tag you on - don't hesitate for a second to "untag" yourself from pictures that you do not approve of.
  • Do not post pictures/videos of yourself under the influence of any type of substance.
  • Don't confuse Facebook with an on-line dating site!
  • Avoid putting your phone number, mailing address, children's or pet's names in your profile.
Other useful tips include:
  • Never post information regarding an upcoming holiday or trip as your status.
  • Change your password regularly
  • Be careful who you friend...i.e your boss!
  • Before clicking on a link from Facebook, always remember to check the address bar, do not follow links which are external to Facebook
  • Don't post anything which you wouldn't be prepared to say to somebody's face.

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