Thursday, September 27, 2018

Borrowing library books is child's play!

Have you borrowed a library book yet?  If not, here is some useful information!

What do you need?
You just need your student card.  Your student card is also your library card, and you are automatically a member of ITB Library when you start college.  Just come to the library desk with your student card and the book you wish to borrow.

How many books can you borrow at a time?
Students can borrow up to 8 books, or items, at a time.  As well as books, you can borrow films on DVD, laptops, calculators, headphones etc.

How long can you borrow items for?
Most text books can be borrowed for 2 weeks at a time; these are long loans.  
In order to make the library books accessible to as many students as possible, some loan periods are shorter.  At the start of each term we ask your lecturers to recommend core texts for short loan.  The first copy of each recommended title is library use only; these books cannot be borrowed but they are always available in the library.  All other copies of the title are short loans; they can be borrowed for 1 week at a time.

What if you want a book for a little longer?
When a book is returned late, or after the due date, there are overdue fines.  Avoid this by renewing your books on or before the day that they are due to be returned.  We will renew your books up to 5 times so long as no other student has reserved them and they are not late.  Laptops and other equipment cannot be renewed.

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