Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A new way to print...

Great news from Computer Services this week.  There is a new way to print in the library and throughout the campus!

You can now print from any internet-enabled device (PC, laptop, phone etc) by logging into this website: https://print.itb.ie

Your account will show the documents you have sent to print and their current status (e.g. awaiting processing, printed etc).

How to print: 
In order to access the service, login to the site in the same manner as Moodle using your ITB credentials.

Once logged in you have the ability to browse to the document you want to print and then upload the file to the service.

When a document is uploaded, its status will change from Awaiting Processing to Processing to Printed

When the status changes to Printed this does not mean that the document has come out of the printer, it still must be released from the printer by logging in and selecting the job to release.
Once released the status changes to Printed(Mobile).

The print jobs can then be released from any of the multifunction printing devices that require the user to login.

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