Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New way to access online journals at ITB Library!

As you might have noticed, the library has made some changes in how you access online journals and databases.  You can now login with your student number and network password, so there’s no more trying to remember a library PIN!

(1) The short way
To search for online journal articles, start at the library homepage (http://www.itb.ie/library/home.html) and click on Search Online Journals

If you are off-campus (i.e. using any non-ITB PC or MAC), you will be asked to login.  Click on Hello, Guest login for Full Access to proceed.

Login using your student number and network password

(2) The backup plan
When accessing the library journals from off-campus, you might see references to Shibboleth login.  If you find that you haven’t been prompted to login, you can always use Shibboleth to login.  For instance:

Start by clicking on Shibboleth

Select Ireland-Edugate from the drop-down menu

Select Institute of Technology Blanchardstown from the drop-down menu

Login using your student number and network password

You should see notification that you are logged in as an ITB user

If you have any questions about accessing ITB databases, call up to the library desk or email Libraryinfo@itb.ie. 

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