Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Croissant Day

Croissant Day

January 30th 2018

Croissants can be enjoyed either on their own, with sweet or with savory fillings. Some enjoy them with ham and cheese others with a slathering of Nutella. But do we know the history of our beloved croissants invention? Check out Epicure & Culture's take on the history of the croissant!

"The earliest story of the croissant dates all the way back to 1683 Vienna, Austria. The legend takes place during the Ottoman Turk siege of the city; a baker apparently heard the Turks tunneling under the walls of the city as he lit his ovens to bake the morning bread. He quickly sounded an alarm, and the military collapsed the tunnel, saving the city. To celebrate, the baker baked a crescent-shaped bread, in the shape of the crescent moon of the Turkish flag......" (Monaco 2014)

If you fancy a croissant today be sure to check out Thethings.com article
Some varieties include, Oreo Stuffed Croissants, Fried Nutella Banana Croissant and Matcha Croissants!


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