Wednesday, January 7, 2015

If you can't explain it simply...

Revision Week usually involves a lot of reading!
Some information takes a little longer to understand, and fully take in, than other information. Unless you understand a text properly, it will very hard to remember and re-use it effectively in your exams.
SQ3R helps us to understand and remember the information we read.  SQ3R stands for:
  • Survey : pre-read or scan the text to get an overview of the topic.  Look at headings, diagrams, bold and italic type etc. to see the highlights of the text.
  • Question: after surveying the book or website, jot down some key questions about the content (who, what, when, where, why, how...)
  • Read: go back to the beginning and read the entire text.  Answer your questions as you read.
  • Recite: put away the text and look at your questions.  Can you answer them without looking at the text?  
  • Review: reread the answers to your questions to ensure that they are accurate.  These answers, or notes, should be a useful revision aid later in the semester.
SQ3R allows us to be active readers.  It helps us to understand the information we read and to be able to retell that information in our own words.  This is helpful for remembering and reusing information in assignments and exams.
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