Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Need to print?

There are lots of you printing in the library over the past few days.  Many for the first time!  Here's what you need to know....

Adding funds to your account:
You must have print credit in order to print in the library.  You can top up your print credit online using a Laser/Debit/Credit Card:  View tutorial on Moodle

Printing black and white:
There are 3 printers in the library.  Kopikat 1 & 2 are black-and-white printers / photocopiers.  They are located around the corner from the library desk.  To print, select either of the following printers from the printer list: Lib_Kopikat1 or Lib_Kopikat2.  When you send a document to Kopikat 1 or Kopikat 2, you need to log in at the printer.  Log in using your student number and network password on the keypad on the printer.
View tutorial in Moodle

Printing in colour:
Kopikat 3 is a black-and-white / colour printer.  It is located near the Journal shelves on level 1.  If you wish to print in black-and-white, select the printer: Library_Kopikat3. If you wish to print in colour, select the printer: Lib_Colour_Kopikat3.  When you send a document to Kopikat 3, you do not need to log in at the printer; the document will be released automatically.
View tutorial in Moodle

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