Thursday, November 6, 2014

Proofread your work before you submit it!

Best of luck to everyone who is busy with assignments this week.  Before you submit your work, don't forget to leave enough time (and energy!) to proofread it.

Proofreading is an excellent way to catch any mistakes in your writing, but it can be quite challenging.  Sometimes, we read what we expect to see on the page rather than what is actually there!

Here are some tips that might help:

  • Find a quiet reading place where you won't be distracted.
  • Leave a little time between when you finish writing and when you start proofreading.
  • Some people find it easier to read from a printed page than from a computer screen.
  • Read slowly.  Ensure you read every single word.
  • Read aloud.
  • Ask someone else to read your work.  A fresh eye might spot errors or inconsistencies.

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