Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Finding a book in the library

All of the books, journals and other resources we have in the library can be found using the library catalogue:  You can search for a book by title, author, keyword etc.

For instance,

To find a book called Starting a business in Ireland: we select "title" from the drop-down menu, type in the name of the book and click on submit

There are two different editions of this book in the library; the first was published in 2001 and the second was published in 2011.  Select the book you want (usually the later one) by clicking on the title.

When you open the full record, you will see all the details of the book including table of contents, subjects etc.  In the centre of the record you will see a number of rows, for instance the record below has 8 rows.  This indicates that we have 8 copies of the book.

  • Status: "on shelf" indicates that the book is currently available in the library; if someone has borrowed the book you will see the date the book is due to be returned, e.g. "due 24-09-12".  "Library use only" books cannot be borrowed.
  • Location: this indicates the area in which the book is shelved.  Most text books are shelved on "Main shelves - level 2".  Journals, audio-visual material, reference books and theses are just some of the materials shelved on "Main shelves - level 1".
  • Class number: the class number is located on the spine of the book.  The books are shelved in order of class number.  Class numbers range from 000-399 on one side of the library and 400-999 on the other side.

Do you still have questions about finding books on your reading list?  You can contact us!

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