Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The thief of time...

So, are you a procrastinator?  Studies suggest that 80 - 95% of students engage in some form of procrastination!  But this is a good time of year to consider the effect this might have on your assignments and exam preparation...

(1) Have a plan!  It can be a little overwhelming to think about all you have to do in the lead-up to exams.  This is a particularly busy time of year for most students.  But, it's important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.  Organise your time with a detailed schedule.  Try to be realistic about what you can achieve and remember to schedule breaks.

(2) Think about the detail.  When you are scheduling, try to be very specific:

Be detailed about what you will achieve and when you will achieve it!  Leave a column so you can mark off what you have achieved and see your progress.

(3) Breaks are vital!  Most of us can only concentrate properly for a limited time.  It's important to separate study time and breaks.  Ditch the distractions during study time - leave your phone out of view, log out of Facebook, avoid having a television or loud music in the room.  Try to fully concentrate on your work during study time and enjoy the freedom of break-time!

(4) Have a separate work-space.  Try to study in a different space from where you relax.  It reduces the distractions around you while you study and makes your break-time more relaxing.

(5) Don't be afraid to ask for help!  It can be useful to spend some of your time studying with other students, asking someone to test you on the information on your flash cards or to read your assignment for poor spelling or grammar. 

(6) Get started.  The more time you allow yourself for revision, the more manageable it should be!  Make a start on it today...

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