Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to make the most of your Easter break

As the Easter holidays and Reading Week approach, it's time to start thinking about exam revision.  With the Spring Exams starting in just over a month, it's worth keeping in mind...

Here are some tips to help you strike a good revision/fun balance over Easter.

(1) Set yourself daily targets: assign yourself a set period of time to focus purely on revision every day.  Ditch the phone and the internet and focus on study during that time.

(2) Make time for relaxation: having a defined distraction-free time for study frees up the rest of your time to relax and socialize.  Starting your revision early gives you time to relax without feeling guilty!

(3) Don’t forget your coursework: chances are you still have CAs, projects or presentations to plan.  Don't forget that completing coursework is a great foundation for your revision.

(4) Prioritize: have a plan! Consider which subjects need more of your time but don't neglect the ones you find harder.  A timetable is a great visual aid to planning your time and it's nice to tick off the work as you do it!

Remember: the earlier you start the more manageable your revision will be!

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