Thursday, April 3, 2014

Has your lecturer asked you to use academic journals?

If so, it can be confusing to know exactly what they are looking for.  This short video from Touro College Libraries can help you understand what journals (or periodicals) are and how they differ from books...

So now that you know what journals are: let's look at how to access ITB Library's online journals via One Search.

  • Go to the ITB homepage and click on Library
  • One Search is the second search box on the page
  • Type in your search terms, e.g. "community development" and "affordable housing"
    • remember to put phrases in inverted commas to increase the relevance of your results
  • One Search will retrieve journal articles (from the online journals) that include your search terms
  • Use the limiters in the left-hand margin to focus your search, e.g. limit your results to full-text articles, peer-reviewed articles, focus in on one subject term...
  • When you find an article you wish to read, click on the title.  You will be asked to log in using your name, student number and library PIN.  If you don't know your library PIN, email us at!
You can learn more about One Search with this short tutorial.

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