Monday, March 31, 2014

Starting to think about the summer holidays?

Did you know the library's travel books are located on level 1?  In the shelves near Kopikat 1 and 2!  Read about places near and far...

Visit the Gaujas National Park ?

The Gauja River carves its way through about 40km of hills of Devonian sandstone, as it winds its way from Valmiera to Sigulda, leaving behind a surrealistic tangle of carved hills and forest-covered banks. Established in 1973 specifically to protect the indigenous flora and fauna , this park is simply the most beautiful in all of Latvia.

Riga by A. Burgess & T. Burgess
Shelved in the Travel Section on Level 1 : 914.796

Where is Stone Town?

Stone Town is the most common name for the old heart of Zanzibar Town, a small triangular peninsula first settled by the Portuguese in 1560. Make sure you are there for sunset. As the sea turns to gold and billowing dhows creep back to the shore... select your food – anything from crab to kebab and salad – from one of the many stalls and settle down to watch the world go by...

Tanzania & Zanzibar (Insight Guides)
Shelved in the Travel section on level 1: 916.78

Shopping at Feira de San Telmo?

Tourists and locals flock alike to this wonderful feira.  You’ll find antique glass soda bottles, jewelry, guacho items, artwork of all sorts and old money. Around the edges of the plaza are sidewalk cafés full of basking portenos and porteno wannabes. Buskers, mimes and tango dancers keep the fun going all day long.

Buenos Aires (Lonely Planet)
Shelved in the Travel section on level 1: 918.2110464

Visit Wieliczka?

The ancient salt mine of Wieliczka predates the Polish state itself and opened as a museum in 1950. Approximately 200km of tunnels and corridors stretch out in a vast web underneath the town. The highlights, as you wander the long galleries, are the chambers containing underground chapels. Everything is made of salt – the altars, candlesticks, columns and pulpits, even the figures of the saints.
Kraków (Blue Guide)
Shelved in the Travel section on level 1: 914.3860457

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