Monday, February 10, 2014

Engineers Week 2014

It's Engineers Week!  Best of luck to anyone involved in any of the events for Engineers Week 2014.   If you haven't gotten involved yet, here are some of your choices...

(1) Fail Better at the Science Gallery
The goal of Fail Better is to open up a public conversation about failure, particularly the instructive role of failure, as it relates to very different areas of human endeavour. Rather than simply celebrating failure, which can come at great human, environmental and economic cost, we want to open up a debate on the role of failure in stimulating creativity: in learning, in science, engineering and design.

(2) TOG. Engineers Week: an Evening of Inspiring Ideas
 - Chemical Engineering: Science, Art and TV / Greg Foley
 - Wind Energy – Irelands Oil / Ciaran Donnelly
 - Engineering Change / Elaine Doyle
 - Intro to simulation: particles and clothes / Eoin McLoughlin
 - Connecting the continents / Liam O'Tailliuir
 - How Robots should look like and how they should behave / Conor McGuin

(3) Zoom! An Exploration of Size, Scale and Structure in Engineering
Dr Ian Johnston is fascinated by the links which exist between engineering at different scales, and “Zoom” is a fast-paced mixture of lecture, demonstration, experiment and audience participation, exploring the challenges and opportunities for engineers along a journey from the unimaginably tiny to the incomprehensibly large.  Ian is a Lecturer in Engineering at the Open University and has worked as academic consultant for TV programmes including “Battle of the Geeks”, “Electric Dreams” and seven series (so far) of “Bang Goes the Theory”. He achieved worldwide fame (or notoriety) as the man who crushed LEGO bricks to measure their strength...

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