Friday, February 21, 2014

Assignment Week: Day 5 More RefWorks

This week the blog is looking at how to find and reference information for your assignments and projects.  Having introduced RefWorks yesterday, today we will be looking at it in more detail.

This final blog looks at RefWorks a little more.  It outlines the details for creating records for some of the following formats (depending on your department):
  • Books
  • Edited books
  • Chapters in an edited book
  • Print journal articles
  • Online journal articles
  • Magazine or newspaper articles
  • Conference papers
  • Reports
  • Theses
  • Videos or DVDs
  • Websites

To learn more:
  • Business students - click here
  • Engineering students - click here (for IEEE) or here (for Harvard)
  • Horticulture students - click here
  • Humanities students - click here
  • Informatics students - click here

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