Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Assignment Week: Day 3 Referencing

This week the blog is looking at how to find and reference information for your assignments and projects.  On Monday we looked at plagiarism and yesterday we looked at One Search.

Today we are going to look at referencing.  In order to avoid plagiarism in our assignments, we must reference information taken from other sources.  Before we write our assignments, we research the topic that we are writing about.  We might find information in two books, a journal article and a website.  When we include information from these sources in our assignment, we include a reference to say where the information came from.  Have a look at one of these short tutorials to learn more:
  • Business students - click here
  • Engineering students - click here (for IEEE) or here (for Harvard)
  • Horticulture students - click here
  • Humanities students - click here
  • Informatics students - click here

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