Friday, January 17, 2014

Time out

Well done to everyone who sat exams this week.  And happy weekend!

Over the next couple of days, we hope you have a little time to relax...

... and a little time to revise.

The trick is to keep your study time and your relaxation time separate!
  • Use different spaces: move away from your study desk when you are relaxing
  • Keep your distractions away: leave your phone, TV, internet-connection aside until relaxation time so you can be fully focused while studying
  • Take regular breaks: breaks are very important for concentration and memory
  • Take care of yourself: remember that eating well, getting exercise, sleeping enough and staying hydrated will help you to focus

And well done - you're on the homestraight now!

(top image: "relax" by Luke via Flickr)
(bottom image: ",,Exams,," by mísslolitá via Flickr)

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