Thursday, November 7, 2013

Doing assignments? Familiar with TurnItIn?

TurnItIn is academic software.  TurnItIn has a large database of scholarly information including hundreds of thousands of publications, millions of student papers and billions of websites.  When a student submits an assignment, usually via Moodle, the text is checked against TurnItIn's large database.  It checks for similarity in the text.  Lecturers and tutors can then review any instances of similarity to ensure that the assignment adhere's to ITB's plagiarism guidelines.

When students write assignments, they often include the ideas, words, thoughts, opinions and facts generated by other writers.  This is a normal part of academic writing; however, it is vital that these sources are referenced correctly within the assignment.  TurnItIn is used to detect information that has been taken from another source but has not been referenced correctly.

Have a look at this video guide from Oxford Brookes University to understand how TurnItIn works:


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