Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boolean Search Terms

One Search is an excellent source of information when you are writing an assignment.  One Search allows you to search all of the library databases at once.  The library databases are made up of hundreds of thousands of online journal articles, magazine articles, conference papers etc; it is full of scholarly content that is suitable for your college work.  When you search the library databases, you are searching the words within those articles. 

So, the search engine does the legwork.

You, however, need to do the thinking!  While One Search is very good at locating topics (or search terms) within articles, it isn't particularly intuitive.  It relies on your search strategy to find results.  Therefore, the better your search strategy, the more likely you are to retrieve relevant articles!

With this in mind, have a look at this video from Carneige Vincent. Learn about how Boolean Operators can help to improve your search with the help of  pirates, ninjas, ninja-pirates and cephalopods!

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