Monday, October 14, 2013

Booking a library PC

The library is very busy these days and there is a lot of demand for library PCs.  Therefore, the PCs can be booked for one hour at a time.  So, plan ahead!  If you know you have an hour free between lectures, book a PC to save yourself queuing.

Things to remember:
  • The library has over 20 laptops that you can borrow and use anywhere (due for return on the next college day)
  • PC bookings last for 1 hour, and they start at the top of the hour, e.g. 10am - 11am, 11am - 12pm, 12pm- 1pm etc.
  • If a PC isn't booked, feel free to use it.  Just remember that you may be asked to move at the top of the hour if someone else has booked it.
  • PCs in the Group Study Area (A Block) and in the labs are not bookable.

Have a look at this quick Moodle tutorial to learn how to book a PC.  And if you aren't sure what your library PIN is, contact us to reset it:

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