Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Accessing ITB's wireless networks

Do you have a laptop, smart phone or other internet-enabled device that you would like to use on campus?  Did you know that you can connect to one of ITB's wireless networks while you are here, on campus? 

This semester there are some changes to how you access the wireless networks on campus.  The ITBWIRELESS network has been discontinued.

You now have a choice between the following wireless networks:
  • Webaccess: an open access network which is only secure for user logon activity and https sites
  • Eduroam: a secure network where staff and students with ITB accounts can log on
Instructional videos and documentation can be found on the Computer Services Intranet page (available on-campus only): http://elan:8888/Student/Pages/Wireless.aspx

  • quicker to set up
  • requires you to log in using your student number and network password
  • enter your student number in the following format: campus\B0000000
  • there is no longer a paper application for this service

  • enter your user name in the following format:
  • there is no longer a paper application for this service

Dont't forget: you can only setup and access our wireless networks while you are on campus!  For full information, see the ITB Student Hub:

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