Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Making plans for the summer?

Are you planning what you will do this summer?  The library is running two research projects this June-July that might interest you!

(1) Library digitisation project:


ITB Library has approximately three hundred language cassette and videotapes which are obsolete. The majority of these items are still of value to teaching and learning. The project is to transfer the tapes to a CD or DVD format. This involves weeding the current collection, digitising the remaining tapes using specialist software, and updating the library catalogue.

(2) Devising a student-centred marketing plan for ITB Library:

The objective of the project is to devise a student-centered marketing plan for the library; this will enable the library to streamline communication channels, such as the library blog and Facebook page, so that they are timely, effective and helpful in the information distributed.  A research student, from the ITB student body, could offer a uniquely relevant perspective to this project. 

If either of these research projects catch your eye, then have a look at your student email for full details (of all 8 ITB research projects) and application instructions!

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Photo Credit: Cohdra viaMorguefile

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