Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Managing your stress levels at exam time

It is normal to feel nervous and anxious over Exam Week.  This nervous energy can give us the kick-start we need to face the challenges of the day.  But it is important not to let these feelings overwhelm us as Exam Week progresses.

There are steps we can take to reduce stress levels on the day of the exam:
  • know exactly where and when your exams are
  • know what you can and cannot take into the exam hall with you
  • have a good night's sleep before your exam: remember that cramming uses vital energy resources and it is easier to remember and to concencentrate when you are well-rested
But, most imporantly of all, focus on the positive.  You have earned your place in college through hard work.  If you start to feel overwhelmed have a chat with someone who will help you to put things in perspective.  Exams are a part of college life: they are an opportunity to show all that you have learned!

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