Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Know your place on ITB Campus!!

Here is a quick guide to finding your way around campus

A block ('Aontas'): This building houses administrative functions such as the Admissions office, Fees and Grants office, Exams office etc. It also has lecture theatres, class rooms, and a board room. Computer and printer access is available in this building. Some lecturers have their offices in this building.

B Block ('Buntas'): This building houses the 'LINC', our Industry and Innovation Hub.

C Block ('Croi'): In this building you'll find the canteen, shop, bank, ATM, gym, and the sports hall. Upstairs you'll find the Students Union office, the coffee shop, the college nurse, access office, the careers office and the oratory.

D Block ('Doras') Amongst other things, this building houses the Caretakers office and the Horticulture workshop.

E Block ('Eolas') houses the school offices, lecture theatres and class rooms. Many lecturers have their offices in this building also.

F Block ('Fios') This building houses the library, the Student Information Desk (SID), Reception, the Marketing department, the Registrar's office, the President's office, the Heads of School and Security. It also houses a lecture theatre, class rooms, computer labs and a board room.

You can access computers, printing, class rooms and lockers throughout the campus. You should familiarise yourself with each building

Consult your timetables to know where you need to be! You can view your timetable here. Login using your Student number, no password required.

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