Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer exam tips

Your examinations are nearly here...But don't panic!!!
 Here are a  few tips to help you through them...

Know when and where the exam is 
This may seem obvious, but it often happens that students miss exams because of not knowing where and when it is on. So…it is up to you to read your exam time-table carefully. Take note of the date and time of the exam and where it is on.

Bring pens, pencil, eraser, ruler and anything else you need 
This too, might seem very obvious. But it is surprising the amount of students who think that stationary will be provided in the exam hall. It won’t be, so come prepared. Also, remember to bring your student card for entry to the exam hall. Be sure to read the exam regulations regarding what you can bring in to the hall.

Know how long the exam is and how many questions you have to answer
It is important to know what is expected of you in the exam. Plan and use your time wisely. Work out how long you have to dedicate to each question. There is little point in spending an hour answering one question worth 20% and only twenty minutes working on a question worth 60%.

Know the exam regulations 
Pay attention to the rules of the exam hall before entering. Listen to what the invigilator says at the beginning of the exam. Know, for example, the penalty for bringing a mobile phone into the exam hall and whether or not you can leave the hall on finishing writing.

Read the exam paper  
Read the exam paper. Then, re-read it. Choose the questions that you are best prepared for.
It sounds silly, but there are hundreds of cases every year of students not getting the marks they deserve because they failed to answer the question they were asked. This is usually down to them not adequately reading and understanding the question before starting to write. It is advisable to underline the key words in the question.

Before starting, ask yourself ‘what is it that I am being asked for ? It is also helpful to have a separate sheet for rough work and to scribble your key ideas down.

If you are faced with a mental block don't panic! Breath deeply, relax and re-consider the question slowly and carefully. Think about the main topics you covered in class, and consider what appeared on past exam papers - you will not be asked about something that you haven't been prepared for in your lectures.

Do the best you can!

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