Thursday, April 5, 2012

If you're waiting for a sign...

Saturday is World Health Day and, at this time of the year, it is particularly important for students to take care of their health.  The lead-up to exams can be quite a stressful time!

Do you remember the day before your last exam - did you just wish you had a bit more time to study?

Well, good news.  This is it!  One important way to reduce study stress is to plan ahead.  You probably have 6 weeks to prepare for your exams so now is the time to get organised!  Have you thought about....

Where... finding a good space in which to study is important!  It's not a great idea to study in a place where you usually socialize or relax; you will probably find yourself chatting or watching TV when you meant to study.  Try to study in a dedicated space: maybe remove all non-study materials from your desk or study in the library...

When... it is important to set aside regular study periods so that you don't end up cramming just before the exams.  Think about what time of day you are most alert - are you an early bird or do you study into the wee hours of the morning?  Try to arrange your day so that you have dedicated study slots with clear objectives for each study session.

Who... do you prefer to learn in a group or by yourself?  Working in a group can be a good opportunity to discuss topics that you are finding difficult to understand or to share information.  Groups can also be distracting though; it is important to separate "study time" from the time you socialize with your class mates.

How... divide your subject area into manageable chunks and try to assign a study date/time to each.  Include all your subjects, even the ones you don't like so much (infact, especially the ones you don't like so much!)  For instance, rather than planning to do "human resource management" on Tues - consider "employee selection: read chapter from DeNisi book and review questions from past exam papers" from 2-4pm on Tues.  Giving yourself specific objectives (and achieving them!) will give you the momentum to continue.

What else... don't forget to make time for the important non-study stuff too!  Make time to relax and eat properly, remember to exercise and, above all, make sure you get enough sleep. 

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