Friday, March 9, 2012

A quick guide to borrowing books in ITB library...

  • Full time and part time students may borrow up to 5 books at any one time. Postgraduate students may borrow up to 10.
  • Books may be renewed twice, provided nobody else has reserved them and they are not overdue. After the 2nd renewal,  they must be returned. You  cannot renew a book if it is already overdue, so be sure to do this in good time. You can do this from home by simply logging into your library account from the library homepage.
  • If your books are late there will be a fine. You cannot borrow, renew, reserve or make a booking until all fines are cleared. Excuses or arguing with library staff will not be entertained.

  • Long Loans (2 weeks) - 40c for every day it is overdue
    Short Loans (1 week) - 70c
    for every day it is overdue
    Day Loans -
    €1 for every day it is overdue
  • Fines will only be waived if a valid doctors cert is presented.
  • If a book on your account goes missing, you will be held responsible for it until it turns up. Keep track of all the books on your account and keep an eye on the due dates. It is not advisable to allow somebody else to borrow something on your account – Remember that if it is lost, you are the person who will be held responsible. 
  • If you choose to use the self-issue machine, be sure to watch the onscreen messages to ensure that your books are issued and returned correctly.  Sit the book completely in the cradle as shown on the screen and follow the insructions. Books circulated incorrectly will set off the security alarm and you will be fined €5. 
  • Books marked 'Library Use Only' can not be issued to students and cannot leave the building. Similarly, theses, student projects and hard copy journals are for use in the library only. 
  • If you look for a book in the library catalogue and it says 'Due dd/mm//yy'. This means that the book is currently out on loan and is due back on the date indicated. If the book says 'On Shelf', it means that is in the library, but may not actually be on the shelf - It may be awaiting re-shelving or is being used by a student without them having borrowed it. 
Please make yourself aware of these rules for a better library experience at ITB :-)

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