Thursday, February 9, 2012

Talk quietly in the library!


Libraries mean different things to different people. To some it is just the place they go to pick up the books they need for an assignment and then leave again; to others it is a place to go to use the computers and to many others it is  the place to go for some quiet study time.

Unfortunately the library is not always as quiet as one would expect it to be. The traditional books-only library is now home to computers, photocopiers, self issue machines and patrons who carry mobile phones and laptop computers with them. However, the single biggest challenge to maintaining quiet is people talking.

Libraries are not the place to be if you want to have a chat and a laugh with a group of people, nor is it the place to have loud group discussions.

The library in ITB has 3 noise zones.

The Green area allows for collaboration among students; but this does not mean students can shout at the top of their voices and laugh their heads off  here. This area is for productive collaboration among students at a reasonable volume; it is not a social area to be used like the pub or the canteen.

The Orange zone is a quiet area. This means students must work individually and keep any talking to an absolute minimum i.e. a low whisper. There are computers in this area, but only one student can use it at a time - no group work is allowed

The Red Zone is a separate room in the library where students must work in absolute silence

Please respect the library for what it is; a library.

Students who do not co-operate will be asked to leave the library

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