Thursday, November 10, 2011

Online anonymity, migrating dinosaurs, treating oil spills...

Have you seen the current issue of New Scientist?
It's available in the Journals Section of the Library (level 1)

Table of contents:

4. Upfront
Drug resistant TB in Europe.  Identifying Libya's missing.  Changes afoot for SI units.

6. This week
Quantum upgrade: improving our most successful theory.  Comets caught creating watery worlds.  Drought strikes at the heart of American way of life.  Dinosaurs migrated en masse across the US

10. Insight
TV doesn't turn off toddlers' brains

17. In brief
Star cluster that's mostly black hole.  Synchronised macaque sex.

21. Technology
Fortress Facebook.  Touchscreen snooping.  Quantum communications for submarines.  How clever is Apple's Siri?

26. Aperture
Pop science: when balloons burst

29. 21st century ark
Britain is an ideal haven for threatened species

30. One minute with... John Stein
Why neuroscience needs a better wish list

32 The next pandemic
We are more vulnerable than ever to viruses

38 Unscientific America: decline and fall
The roots of a retreat from reason

42 Unscientific America: selling science
How to win the battle for hearts and minds

46. Competitive clean-up
The $1 million bounty for a better way to treat oil spills

50. Your digital ID
Online anonymity is on the way out

54. Taming infinity
The bane of physics is being cut down to size

55 Ocean pollution
How dangerous are plastics?  Plus: Great tales of discovery.

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