Friday, September 23, 2011

Did you know that print credit can also be used for photocopying?

So... everybody is still getting used to the new cashless printing system in operation on campus this year.  Therefore, some of you might not be aware that when you top up your account, this credit may be used to photocopy also.

The old card system that was in place until recently has been retired.  You can no longer buy these cards on campus and very soon you will not longer be able to use them to print.

Students are advised to use up all remaining photocopy cards before Oct 3rd.

To photocopy using the new system, you will need to top up your account by going to and using your Laser/Credit Card to add funds.

When your account is successfully topped up you will receive notification by email.  Then you simply log in at the photocopier using your student number and password and photocopy as normal.

It's a piece of cake!

For a guide on how to use the new print system, take a look at the recent blog post

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