Monday, February 7, 2011

Starting your assignment

As you start your assignments and research check out the library's new presentation to help you get started. Using the Big 6, this presentation outlines the information skills that will help you to use the library and the internet effectively. The Big 6 questions are:
  1. What information am I being asked for?
  2. Where can I find this information?
  3. How do I search for exactly what I need?
  4. Once I have the information, how do I use it?
  5. How do I make this work my own?
  6. What do I check before I hand it in?
You can also see our other information literacy resources here, or link to our online subject pages (for Business & Humanities or Informatics & Engineering).

Finally, don't forget our Ask A Librarian service. For any queries about using library services or resources, email us at

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