Thursday, February 17, 2011

LinGen [Engineer's Week]

by Garret Brady
Lecturer in Engineering at ITB

The LinGen project is a collaboration between engineers here in ITB and in Wavebob Ltd, an Irish company, to come up with a novel electrical generator that will harvest power from ocean waves.

Going since April 2010 and set to continue for two years, the project tackles the problem of converting the irregular, up-and-down motion of sea waves directly to regular, dependable electrical power. To do this we are mixing electric machine technology that is over one hundred years old with entirely new power electronics devices, control systems and fabrication techniques -- and making a lot up as we go along!

Ireland has one of the most energetic sea coasts in the world, and wave power could provide a huge chunk of the power we need to live in this country. Once we prove this new concept in renewable power generation, it will open the door to mass production of commercial wave-energy converter units. This promises power generation with no fuel costs, no reliance on imported fossil fuels and no emissions.

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